5 Raiding Tips to maximize your ROI

As you know, the Raiding Game Engine update has been officially released in the Earth2 Metaverse.

As pointed out in the Earth2 site, Raiding is a predecessor of the future ecosim engine and it allow users to have something to do while waiting for new updates.

Using the cydroids the players can raid the unstable e-ther from the properties of other players who didn’t claim their e-ther in the last 24 hours. Here you can find all the info and rules.

Assuming you know very well what Raiding is, here below you can find some interesting tips to maximize your ROI in the Raiding game. These tips are the result of a week of intense raiding, but if you have any better feel free to comment below (no subscription or mail are needed).

Video Cydroid Raiding Sneak Peek + Raiding V1 Details on Earth 2 posted in Earth2 youtube channel

1. Rename all the properties where you have an active Cydroids

If you created a ton of cydroids but you powered only a few, your experience with Raiding tool shouldn’t be the best. In fact in the Raiding tab you should find a mix of powered and unpowered cydroids losing a lot of time scrolling to find the powered ones.

Well, if you rename all the properties with a powered cydroid with a 0 (zero) as first letter you’ll find all the powered cydroids in first instance.

2. Move the cydroids alone or in group of two

Raiding system has been designed with some specific mechanics, one of them is that the journey of cydroids could last 30 seconds or 12 hours. The first case is awesome, the second absolutely NOT.

In order the reduce the risk of a stuck cydroid you can act launching raids with one single cydroid or maximum in a group of two (better for biggest targets).

Doing this, even if you have one cydroid on stuck you could have more doing their job.

3. Prefer Tier1 targets

Regardless the size of the properties Tier1 have way more ether than T2, so just sort them for Tier to find the richest properties and tag them as favorites.

4. An easy way to find inactive players

  1. Find players whose name start with User***
  2. Find players who have the referral code (not customized) in their name
  3. Especially for small plot if the property has some “Min. Essence on this property” it means probably it is owned by an inactive player

5. The perfect location

Inactive players were mainly E2 early adopters, they focused on buying the landmark locations of most famous real cities. So the best locations are in the city center of the big cities!

Enjoy Raiding!
and don’t forget to add your tips on the comments!

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