About Us

Foodies City was born on May 30, 2022 as a Megacity in the Earth2 Metaverse.

The mission is to become a central point in Earth2, not only about Food themes but also as a place where Socialize and create new Friendships.

We share our passion about food bringing together people from all around the world,

and this is the nice..


new Foods, new Cultures, new People


Foodies City is located in Uruguay, you can find the exact location following the EPL foodies-city

Take a look at the city map! Lot of tiles have been bought but you can find still place for your ideal property!

We’ll be able soon to build up the City, buildings, meetings points, NFTs museum, Restaurants/Brands/Delivery billboards, Recipes Corner, Chef proposals, Bazar and much more.


In our Discord Channel you can meet the Community and find out lot of delicious food pics, participate at the contests and much more

Following our Twitter Channel you’ll be updated on all the news regarding Foodies City, Earth2, and obviously: FOOD

In our YouTube channel you’ll find out lot of Food and Contents about Foodies City


Here below why you should evaluate the presence in Foodies City for your Business

  1. Brand advertising and billboards to a targeted audience
  2. Self Promotion and visibility for Chefs- Online Shops- Food influencers
  3. The best location to set Virtual Restaurants and Cooking classes
  4. Interactive experiences and Virtual Menu
  5. Virtual Reality to create immersive experiences

These points will be more and more available when Earth2 will be ready as a multiplatform Metaverse.

In the meanwhile be sure to be present in Foodies City and GET IN TOUCH with us

About Earth2

But let’s step back to introduce Earth2,

the amazing Metaverse born in Nov 2020 by the brilliant mind of Shane Isaac.

It is an on developing platform and we users can consider ourselves as early adopters.

To find out more, here you can find Earth2 website and the amazing video released on Dec 2022.