An Easy and Concise Recap of ECOSIM on Earth2

A few days ago, Earth2 made an announcement regarding the functioning of the Ecosim world. This announcement is set to become the ultimate guide for all Ecosim players. However, if you haven’t had the opportunity to delve deeper or if something remains unclear, these simple points will assist you in understanding.

The E2V1 video provided us with a glimpse into the future where our Metaverse will become habitable. We will have the ability to create various structures such as buildings, houses, billboards, boats, and much more. The question that arises now is:

How do we access these elements?

The answer is as straightforward as it gets:

Simply visit the Bazaar and purchase them.

However, if we desire to go beyond the limitations of buying and instead engage in production, an important chapter unfolds:

The production of Resources

Resources Discovery Tiers and Prime Jewels from Earth2 website [PRIME JEWELS CAN BE T1-T2-T3].

The following schemes assume a basic knowledge of the fundamental elements of ecosim and are further elaborated based on our personal comprehension.

The path leading to the production of finished products follows this specific sequence:

Everything starts from the Mentar, as E-ther evaporates from the ground, it carries with it the binary data of Resources present in the land. This binary data is measured in Occurrence Units [OU].

OU cannot be transferred from one property to another and cannot be sold, it can be stored in Holobuildings or replicated to obtain Raw Materials.

But how to collect OU?

key notes:

Players will also have the option to improve a Prospecting Cydroid’s reading ability by directly injecting Essence into the Power Cell of the Cydroid while it is recharging, thereby creating a temporary boost effect enabling the Cydroid to consume/extract more Occurrence Unit data than what is actually present in the ground. This temporary effect requires Essence to be irreversibly consumed.

So let’s step to the replication through the weaver:

[weaver is inside the Mentar, we don’t have to do nothing to activate it]

When Resources [Raw Materials] finally take their physical form through the Replication process, they will occupy a certain amount of m3 (Cubic metre) space.

Raw materials will be tradeable in the Bazaar.

Earth2 also stated:

With the initial release of Resources, several related gameplay features will intentionally be excluded in order to provide a simpler, more accessible early-access version to Players on the current Earth 2 web version.

In the opinion of this writer, this could mean that we could be able to read OU, replicate Raw Materials and sell it in the Bazar even before the launch of E2V1.

Be ready People 😉

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