Food Contest

Food contests are the fierce competition inside of Foodies City Community.

Two Food Contests have had place so far and a third one is currently on planning!!

Competitions consist of posting photos of delicious food with a specific theme, after a vote on Discord, users who posted the best photos win sensational prizes!

Waiting for the 3rd Contest, take a look below at the galleries about the previous two…

1st Food Contest

Period: from June 1st 2022 – to June 6th 2022
Theme: post a photo of your favorite dish
Winner: 1st place Arc Р2nd place Nausicaä
1st place 50 Tiles in Foodies City – 5 Tiles in Foodies City

Winning Pics

All the Pics

2nd Food Contest

Period: from July 1st 2022 – to August 30th 2022
Theme: post a photo of your favorite Street Food
Winner: Yehna
270 TileArt Tiles in Foodies City made by Concheror Tile Artist

Winning Pics and Prize

All the Pics