Who are the Earth2 Influencers

Hey there Foodies,

Earth2 Community is composed of a bunch of lively and passionate users.

Follow some of them means to be always updated on what happened on our loved Metaverse.

Today we reveal you some really interesting accounts to follow on Twitter ranked on the number of followers

Just some clarification:

  1. The table below shows the most active and followed users regarding Earth2 themes, there are several accounts with more followers but many of them are months without posting anything related to E2. Specially in the low side of the ranking there are some users who are increasing followers and contents exponentially
  2. No one from the Devs Team is in the list, obviously we assume you already follow Shane and Earth2io
  3. It is really possible we missed someone, we apologize in advance and eventually let us know
  4. This stats are dated at 1st of March 2023, and they don’t update in automatic
  5. This table shows only Twitter accounts, we didn’t look at Facebook for an important and specific reason: we are not Boomers

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